Animal Salt Licks : Benefits of Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp Features

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps make for a unique and beautiful gift.

The natural shape salt lamps and candle holders are sold by weight, not by size. Natural shape lamps/candle holders are sometimes tall, sometimes shorter and unique in shape, yet still in the same weight class.

Premium quality unique salt lamps/candle holders from the finest salt crystals from foothills of the Himalayas.

There is no salt in the world that compares Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps in purity and color.

Hand carved to retain unique natural look & beauty of salt crystals, so no two crystals are alike.

Heating the salt with a bulb or a candle creates an effect similar to an ionizer. This ionizing effect has many healthful benefits.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Kohls

Heat of light flame is dissipated within the salt, making the outside cool to the touch.

Benefits of Rock Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

Some of the more dramatic claims include migraine headache relief, enhanced serotonin levels in the blood, reduced severity of asthma attacks, immune system enhancement, and reduced vulnerability to colds and flu’s.

There is hard science to suggest that they’re true.

However, in a effort to avoid hyperbole and scientific debate about Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps, here is what we can tell you for sure:

1. They will release negative ions into the air.

2. They will purify the air.

3. It’s relaxing appearance will help you rest and reduce stress.

4. It will help relieve asthma, sinus and allergy symptoms.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help With Sleep

Where to Use Himalayan Natural Salt Crystal Lamps and Candle Holders?

Some ideal applications include:


Allergy/sinus condition sufferers

Children’s night lamp


Romance/mood lighting

Hospital rooms

Hotel rooms

Environments with pets, high pollen counts, smoking, or other atmospheric inhibitors.

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How safe are the Himalayan Salt lamps?

Our lamps only use UL approved parts and are easily as safe as any low wattage lamp in your home.

However, since these are electrical appliances that are powered by your home’s electrical current, you should still take the same precautions you would take with any electrical appliance.

How do I take care of my salt lamp?

Our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are highly suitable for almost any room in your home or office. They are beautiful, natural air cleaners and purifiers – and you will never have to replace a filter, saving you hundreds of dollars in filter costs.

Himalayan Salt Lamp With Massage Stones

Himalayan Natural Salt Crystal Lamps are designed to be used indoors and should not be used in any room where there is excess humidity, such as a bathroom or sauna, for extended periods of time.

Excess humidity can cause a white powder to form on your salt lamp. In order to remove the white powder or dust, leave your salt lamp on and use a soft damp cloth to gently clean the surface.

Can a natural Himalayan salt lamp eliminate odors in my house?

Our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are natural Negative Ion generators when they are slightly warmed by the internal light bulb.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Balls

Negative ions supercharge the air around a Salt Crystal Lamp – just like the clean air around a waterfall, on a mountain top, at the seashore, or after a thunderstorm.

Wherever you place a Himalayan Natural Salt Crystal Lamp the air will begin to smell cleaner and you will be able to breathe easier.

Negative ions can help eliminate heavy odors from cigarette smoking, cat litter boxes, baby nurseries and cooking odors in the kitchen.

Big Himalayan Salt Lamp

Our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are also the perfect decorative accent to any room in your home or at the office. Salt Crystal Lamps supercharge the office environment and inspire creative ideas, while increasing mental alertness and concentration.

Office workstations, computer rooms, conference rooms and break rooms are perfect locations for our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps.

Big Himalayan Salt Lamp

Even restaurant and bar owners are changing the atmosphere of their business with our Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps.

The radiant illumination of the glowing lights supercharge the air and create an enchanting environment that inspires your imagination, relieve stress and awaken your senses.

Do Himalayan natural salt lamps generate Negative Ions if they are not turned on?

Researchers have discovered that if there is little or no moisture in the air, Salt Crystals are largely ineffective at producing Negative Ions.

However, areas such as the outdoors, bathrooms and spas have too much humidity and the salt crystals dissolve rapidly when exposed to high humidity levels above 60 percent.

Salt Crystal Lamps will last indefinitely as long as they are not exposed to excessive moisture.

Researchers also discovered that when a salt crystal is heated slightly, it will generate Negative Ions. In order to facilitate this, a small light bulb is placed inside a salt crystal – creating our unique Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps.

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

Therefore, it is important to remember that a Salt Crystal Lamp will only generate Negative Ions when it is warmed by the internal light bulb.

We recommend that you leave the light on 24 hours a day for maximum benefits.

What size salt rock lamp is best for my room?

The more Negative Ions that are generated, the better the ambient air will become and the easier it will be for you to breathe.

Therefore, the size of the salt crystal lamp will determine the radiant effect of a Negative Ion discharge.

Our Mini, Small and Special Shaped (Pyramid, Moon, Egg) Salt Crystal Lamps are most effective in a 5’x7′ personal space setting.

Himalayan Salt Lamp With Massage Balls

The ambient effect of the Negative Ions is perfect for a personal computer workstation or office desk, a child’s bedroom or nursery, a bedroom nightstand, the laundry room, around a cat litter box, or in a walk-in closet.

However, if you smoke, you may need a larger lamp, or multiple small lamps, in order to eliminate the odor of the cigarettes throughout your home, office or place of business.

The Benefits of Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps: Half Full or Half Empty?


Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help With Sleep

In today's video, we are taking a pile of Himalayan salt lamps, and putting them through some stress test to see just what they can and cannot handle.

[Music] Guys, ironically enough, just a few hours ago today, Veritasium released a video that debunked whether or not Himalayan salt crystal lamps were actually good for you, and released enough negative ions into the atmosphere to actually boost your mood.

However, we still have a bunch of salt lamps.

So, we are going to be putting these through a few tests to see just what they can and cannot survive.

Here's the basic idea.

We have three salt lamps, and we are going to see just what sort of stress test they can handle.

This is going to involve water, heat, and maybe a few other things.

So as far as these lamps are concerned, it has been debunked that they can't really release that many negative ions to make a positive impact on moods or anything like that.

However, there are types of crystals that have been proven to basically boost your mood because of the way they release negative ions.

One of those is tourmaline.

Now, that is much more expensive than Himalayan salt, which is probably one of the reasons why these are much more commercially available.

That said, we just sort of want to put them to the test, and see what else they can do.

All right.

So for our first test, well, we wanted to throw one in the forge but.

It's snowing really hard outside right now.

So we're going to stick with the indoor experiments today, and then move forward from there.

So first off, while I have heard that these lamps can absorb moisture from the atmosphere, I want to find out whether or not they can melt.

Some people say they can't, some people say they can.

Let's put it to the test.

So for these videos, we don't need the base, we're just kind of taking them apart, and I am very disappointed because It's a lot easier than I wanted it to be.

But it's good for our purpose is.

[Music] Perfect.

That's a very large chunk of salt.

So for one of our first stress test here, I have heard it said that you cannot melt or dissolve one of these lamps.

I don't know if that's true, and I want to find out.

So the first thing that we're going to do is run one of these under some water on the time-lapse.

See what happens.

We're also going to put one in a pot of boiling water on the stove, see if it dissolves.

All right.

So we've got everything set up for our time-lapse.

Sorry about the dirty dishes, but we want to see just how long it takes to erode away one of these salt lamps.

[Music] Stress test number one, can you erode a Himalayan salt lamp with water? Yes.

So we were playing with glass on the table earlier, so I'm hoping this is just salt.

Yeah, that's salt.


All right, stress test number two.

So we have seen that you can erode away one of these salt lamps with just using tap water.

So we've actually got a little set up here on the stove.

So this is going to be slightly submerged in boiling water, and while I do believe that's just going to dissolve it, I'm curious to see what the steam will do.

I want to see if that's actually going to help erode and dissolve the outside of it as well.

[Music] We've definitely made a mess.

So the salt itself seems like it's mostly been fine from the steam.

Like I was expecting it to get that same glassy outside that we were getting on the one that had the water running over it and eroding it away.

Instead, what we've gotten is the water itself is turned almost opaque, and it splattered salt everywhere, like the pot is just coated in a powdery salt, and I'm very curious.

I do think it's lost some of its volume here.

So I'm going to try and pick it up.

I want to know just how much of it sunk through the grating.

That's kind of hot to the touch.

Not too-- It's not too bad, but I'm putting on different glove.

[Music] All right.

Time lapse is definitely going to show that better, because we lost about half of its volume there.

I was not expecting that.

But it is not nearly as smooth as it was when we eroded the other one away.

This is so very very rough, course, almost the same as it is on the other side.

Not nearly as effective as I thought it was going to be, especially compared to the eroding.

Can you dissolve a salt lamp using steam? Yes, but it would probably take a very long time.

So comparatively, running it under water versus simply allowing the steam to do the work for you, this one's going to survive, that one, not so much.

All right.

So we've tried eroding one of our salt lamps.

We've tried dissolving one, and now, we want to try melting one.

But to do that, we're going to need a lot more heat.

All right guys, so we've made it up to the Dome.

We've already eroded one salt lamp.

We've tried to dissolve another.

So for our final one, we're going to melt it.

So we got this thing.

This is an extra large crucible that just so happens to hold our salt lamp perfectly.

So, let's drop it in, see what happens.

[Music] Sure, that's gonna work.

[Music] It's very cold here, guys.

[Music] All right, so it's been about 10 minutes, and we've actually had this on time lapse.

But I'm not sure if we're actually going to get the ambient heat in our forge to be warm enough to actually melt the salt.

So what we're going to do is put the lid on now.

Hopefully, leave it for a little while, and when we come back, it should be melted? [Music] All right, so I just checked on this, and I think we actually managed to do this, guys.

It's been about an hour and a half, which is not as long as we were expecting this to take.

We have successfully melted an entire Himalayan salt lamp.

Oh wow! So I was not expecting it to have that much of volume left over.

[Music] Whoop.

Yep, and it's on fire.

I lit a stick on fire with molten salt.

That's just cool.

It's actually leaking out over the side.

There is so much more to that than I thought there was.

Well, I was going to try and take it out and pour it into something.

But with how much there is here, and with the sizeof that crucible, it's not really going to be safe for me to try and lift that up and transport it.

So we're going to let it sit there and cool down, see what it looks like once it's actually solidified again.

Or we can actually get our tongs around it safely, transport it, and dump it out.

That's really cool.

Like I know I don't want to touch that, but I actually really want to touch that.

[Music] So, we left this about 30 minutes to try and let it harden.

It hasn't really cool that much.

It's still radiating a ton of heat.

And I'm not sure if it's solid yet.

So the surface is no longer molten.

Now, I don't trust that to be the case all the way through it, but we're still going to try and get that out.

[Music] That is a giant crucible just full of salt.

And the surface isn't pink anymore.

We're definitely gonna have to reheat this crucible to get the salt out at a later date, but it's going to stay like that for now.

So, can you erode salt lamp away with water? Yes, you can.

Can you dissolve it? Not as well, but you can still do that, too.

Can you melt it? Absolutely, and that was actually a lot faster than we were expecting it to be.

That's pretty cool.

Well, I am kind of sad that Veritasium proved that you can't actually get negative ions from heating up a salt lamp, because I think I win the award for most heated up salt lamp ever.

Guys, that's not all, we've always got more for you to see.

That box up at the top will take you to our latest video, and that box of the bottom is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.

Don't forget to hit this bomb so you subscribe to the club, and never miss out on the fun.

Don't forget to ring that bell, and we'll see you in the next one.

Talk to you then.

Restaurant, coffee shop and bar owners have used multiple Mini and Small Salt Crystal Lamps to help clean the air and set a romantic mood in their place of business.

Himalayan Salt Lamp For Sale

They place the Salt Lamps strategically on the bar, in a private booth, or on a dinner table in order to create a more enchanting environment.

The soft illumination of the glowing light inspires the imagination and awakens the senses, while the Negative Ions cleans the air and helps people breathe more freely.

Larger Salt Crystal Lamps are more effective at eliminating the smell of smoking, chemicals, mold and mildew or allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dust and airborne bacteria.

Our Large or X-Large Salt Crystal Lamps, Salt Bowls and Diffuser Lamps are most effective in an average room approximately 10’x12′.

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp From Pakistan

They have been very effective in a private home or work office, hair stylist work stations, dentist or doctor’s examination rooms and at a personal computer workstations where someone smokes.

Our XX-Large – Jumbo Salt Crystal Lamps are best suited for larger living areas, family rooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, garages, workshops, etc.

In a place of business, they are ideal for hotel rooms, large conference rooms, doctor or dentist waiting rooms, libraries, employee break rooms (especially if employees are allowed to smoke) retail stores, art galleries, hair salons, restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs.

How To Clean Himalayan Salt Lamp

It is important to remember that a Salt Crystal Lamp will only generate Negative Ions when it is warmed by the internal light bulb.

We recommend that you leave the light on 24 hours a day for maximum benefits.

How much electricity do the lamps consume?

Our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are very energy efficient, consuming only 7-40 watts per hour, depending on the bulb you are using.

Many people use only a 7 watt “Christmas Tree or Night Light” bulb in their salt lamp, which can be easily found in a local store.

They are available in many colors that can add special effects to your salt lamp.

Purple Himalayan Salt Lamp

However, since the discharge of Negative Ions is dependent upon the temperature of the Salt Crystal Lamp, we have discovered that a 15-40 watt clear tubular bulbs works best at creating the optimum operating temperature for each lamp size.

A Salt Crystal Lamp needs to be heated – warm to the touch, but too hot to burn your hand – in order to be most effective at releasing Negative Ions.

We found a special, long lasting, clear tubular light bulb in order to maximize the intrinsic beauty of our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps™.

We also include a UL safety rated cord with an off/on switch with every salt lamp.

Therefore, we include a 15 watt long lasting tubular bulb with all of our mini, small and special shaped salt lamps.

Purpose Of Himalayan Salt Lamp

A 25 watt long lasting tubular bulb is included with our medium and large salt lamps.

And a 40 watt long lasting tubular bulb is included with our X-Large thru Jumbo salt lamps.

The total electricity consumption is less than used by your refrigerator, even for multiple salt lamps throughout your home, office, or place of business

Large White Himalayan Salt Lamp

A vet has issued a warning for pet owners after a cat was nearly killed from licking a Himalayan salt lamp in New Zealand Maddie Smith noticed her cat, Ruby, was acting strangely, and assumed it was from the cold weather After returning from work that evening, Ruby's condition had deteriorated to the point where she couldn't walk, eat or drink and was struggling to see and hear   Ms Smith took her to a vet who said she was suffering from brain swelling due to sodium poisoning A vet has issued a warning for pet owners after a cat was nearly killed after licking a Himalayan salt lamp in New Zealand (stock picture)Sodium poisoning can be life threatening for pets, with symptoms including seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of coordination Himalayan salt lamps are a common item in many households, and pet owners are being warned to keep an eye on their pets as the lights can be tempting for animals.

Himalayan Natural Salt Crystal Lamps, Healing and Beautiful

Big Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Health Benefits of Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp Walmart Real Or Fake

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps | Imported from Pakistan | Salt Rock Lamps