Frequently Asked Questions about Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps and products/facts is answered here.

Where should salt lamps be placed for the best results?

The size of a lamp will make an impact on the benefits it will provide. Smaller lamps will fare well inside of a bedroom or den, while larger units will work well in larger living spaces. Reading the specifications of a lamp before making a purchase will help to determine what size will work best for the space it will be used. 

Placing a lamp near a bed will help to promote peaceful sleep as ions in the direct area will be neutralized to the fullest. It is best to refrain from placing a lamp near a source of moisture, such as near a shower or humidifying unit. Excessive humidity tends to melt a Himalayan salt lamp lighting surface, making it necessary to keep air in the area where it will be used in a dry state if possible. Wiping off the surface of the lamp regularly will remove any debris from the unit, helping to maintain a constant flow of lighting energy so the air quality level will remain at the best quality at all times.

What bulb wattage should I use in my salt lamp?

The salt lamps already come with the bulb.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help with Insomnia?

Since air quality will improve in an area where a Himalayan salt lamp is used, insomnia tends to diminish as well. The reduction of stress and harmful air quality contributors will make it easier for someone to fall asleep without difficulty. Those who suffer from insomnia find that with regular use of a Himalayan salt lamp, they will start to slumber for longer duration. In time sleep will no longer be an issue with routine use of these lamps.

What do Himalayan salt lamps do?

Himalayan salt lamps work by neutralizing ions in the air around them. This in turn will improve overall air quality in the room where the lamp is used. Any people in the room will enjoy the benefits of reduced allergies, increased energy levels, enhanced memory and thinking skills, and the elimination of depression. The negative ions that a Himalayan salt lamp will emit, reduces bacteria in the air, takes away harmful contaminants from the area, and balances the frequencies within a body.

Does light and color therapy have any benefits?

Many find that the subdued lighting and pleasing hue of a Himalayan salt lamp will help them to relax and will aid in their overall positivity. These lamps are shown to reduce anxiety levels, help with stress, and increase concentration. The mix of light and color is naturally pleasing and less intrusive than standard lighting. 

Do these lamps have side effects or any negative impact?

There are currently no ill effects from use of a Himalayan salt lamp. Those who use them find them to provide beneficial qualities only. 

Where do Himalayan salt lamps come from?

Salt rock lamps come from the Himalaya Mountains ranges in Asia. True Himalayan salt mostly comes from the Khewra Salt Mine, situated in Pakistan.

Do salt lamps help to improve air quality?

One of the prime reasons for Himalayan salt lamp use, is the air quality benefit obtained. These lamps will naturally purify the air where they are used, helping to promote a healthy life-style at a low cost. Harmful mold spores, bacteria, dust mites, and other air hazards will be reduced, giving the lamp user the benefit of the cleanest air quality possible.

What size should I order for a 10×10 bedroom?

That’s your personal preference. I personally would use a medium or larger. 

Where do I buy the bulbs for the natural salt lamps?

You could buy them in local hardware stores, supermarkets, or on Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Do these lamps have an on/off switch and a dimmer?

All salt lamps come with a dimmer and on/off switch, except the USB lamps. 

Do these lamps only work in a USB port or can they be plugged in the wall socket too?

They could be plugged into a wall socket, however you’d need an adaptor, that does not come with the lamp. 

Are Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps good for asthma patients and other allergies?

Yes, these can be great source to calming different kinds of allergies, insomnia and including asthma. As it helps to clear the air and make environment pollutant free. So they are prominently effect on respiratory functions and clam the chronic respiratory conditions.

Do Himalayan salt lamps help with air purification inside rooms?

Yes, they definitely do help in purifying the air and increase the air quality indoors, as salt attracts the moisture, smoke, pollen and dust particles even negative energy emitted by electronic devices. Pure Himalayan salt lamps are great source to keep atmosphere fresh yet health. 

Are salt lamps safe for my children and pets?

They are harmless as organic pure salt is not bad for health but keep them at safe distance, where kids and pets can’t approach them directly. Remember everything should be used in moderation. So prefer to place salt lamp where they won’t lick the salt. Licking on salt excessively can result in vomiting, diarrhea or any other health issues. 

Should I leave my salt lamps on at all times?

You can leave it lit all the times. Salt lamp has 7 or 8 watt of bulb attached that won’t harm your electricity bill. But better to make them work longer you can turn it off anytime of the day so it won’t get heat up enormously and won’t create dryness in your atmosphere. 

Are there any health or exposure risks attached with Natural Salt Lamps?

Not at all, salt lamps are totally safe for any kind of environment. For that reason salt lamps are trending part of the modern home décor as organic items are making ways everywhere around. Only keep them away from kids and pets as they lick the salt chunks and that get resulted in digestive issues.

Does the white salt lamp have the same benefits as the pink/orange colored lamps?

Himalayan white salt is usually mined from the outer fringes of the Khewra salt mine and is much less abundant than pink and orange tinged salt. In color therapy, white Himalayan salt lamp benefits include physical and emotional healing and releasing negativity.