Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Rock Salt Lamps and Tea Light Holders.

We provide unmatched quality to our valuable customers while maintaining high standards in production as well as customer service.

We are the fastest growing manufacturers and exporters of natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps, Rock Salt Candle Holders (Tea Light Holders), Rock Salt Bath Crystals, and Rock Salt Bath Soaps.

Our rock salt lamps and other handcrafted products have gained worldwide popularity.

We offer the most competitive prices. Genuine interested retailers and wholesalers are welcome to inquire about any item from above categories.

In addition to our present products list, inquiries for any other specifications are also welcome

UNIVERSAL TRADERS has very strict quality assurance processes and exercises every effort to meet and even exceed customer expectations by providing products of unmatched superior quality.

· We focus on the needs of our customers.

· We continuously work on improving our products and processes.

· We do our best to prevent defects and fulfill customer orders in timely manner.

. We believe that we provide superior value to our customers and are committed to set unsurpassed standards by which our competitors’ products are measured.


15 B, Small Industry Area Lahore Road, Sargodha Pakistan.
Just 20 KM far form the Himalayan Salt Range Mountains .


1. One 20 feet FCL of Rough Lamps / Rough Candle Holders.
2. One 20 feet FCL of Edible Salt.
3. One 20 feet FCL of Powder/Grinded Salt.
4. One 20 feet FCL of Bath Salt 1CM to 2.5 CM

1. Two 20 feet FCL of Crafted Shaped Rock Salt Lamps / Candle Holders.

We would like to give other information/pictures/prices etc., to the serious importers on request.