Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

Welcome to Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps. We’re a Himalayan Salt Lamps Manufacture , Wholesaler and exporter from Pakistan.

We are part of Universal Traders, a premier rock salt manufacturing and exporter all over the world.

Being close to the source of Himalayan rock salt mountain range, we have unique advantage in getting excellent quality and a continuous supply of salt.

Once this salt reaches our state of art modern manufacturing facility, it is sorted, cleaned, washed and built into over 100 different shapes and sizes.

Custom rock salt lamps can be made to order and we also have numerous shapes rock salt lamps, tea light holder, bath salts in stock and ready to ship.

The Best Himalayan Natural Salt lamps

Our Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps Product Categories Include:

Natural Salt Lamps

Custom rock salt lamps can be made to custom order and we also provide many altered shapes of rock salt lamps.

Crafted Salt lamps

Handcrafted Salt Lamps Carved from purest salt lumps mined from Himalayan salt range. Coming in sizes: 2-4 kg, our colors include Red, Reddish Orange, and Light Orange. The base is polished Wood, marble and Onyx. The bulb type is a Screw Cap 10,15,20,25 Watt.

himalayan slat lamp benefits

Natural Salt Candles

Natural Salt Candles come with a very special candle lamps that are hand-carved from rock salt crystals mined in Pakistan, and bored-out so that a single tea light candle fits inside.

The crystal is translucent, so the tea-light candle flame produces a beautiful glow. In addition to serving as a beautiful, decorative, and safe candle holder, the Himalayan Crystal Light, when warmed by the candle flame, emits negative ions.

These ions cleanse the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, and cigarette smoke. The also offset the harmful radiation produced by computer monitors, TV’s, and other electrical devices.

Popular Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp Products

1. Crafted Bowl Lamps
2. Salt Oil burners
3. Animals Salt Lamps
4. Bath Salt Chunks
5. Bath Salt Soap
6. Message Salt Stones
7. Salt Tiles and Bricks
8. Table Salt Grind
9. Industrial Salt Ground
10. Black Natural Salt
11. Animals Salt Licks


Our Salt Lamps & Candle Holders are available in Standard as well as in custom made sizes.

We make Salt Lamps with Wooden, Marble and Onyx Base. We can supply Salt Lamps with or without Base.

Salt Lamps & Candle Holders are handcrafted so every Lamp is one of a kind and may vary in size, color and shape.

Bath Salt can be crafted in any size and in any desired packing.